K.I. Kampen is a Dutch genetic association established 33 years ago by farmers. At first its aim was to create a breeding program only for the original Frisian breed. In time also other breeds like MRIJ and Holstein were introduced in the K.I. Kampen breeding program. The company mainly is aimed at durability as a result of high lifetime productions and protein. Later secondary traits like udderhealth and fertility had our attention in the young bull selection. These traits will become more and more important in the years to come. K.I. Kampen’s selection criteria have been the same for 33 years now. We only added a genomic test in the selection criteria to avoid disastrous defects. From the start the goal was to create a long living, healthy producing and good muscled cow for our farmers. That has given us a good market position in The Netherlands right now whereas other A.I. companies were merely aimed at high milk productions.

To reach our goals we select young bulls from cow families that have proven themselves on longevity along with good feet- and udderscores and a minimum average proteincontent in milk of 3.50%. Using these bulldams we ensure that our young bulls carry the highest possible genetics on the traits we think are important for a healthy producing “non-problem” cow.

Interesting bulls that have come from the breeding program are the Frisians Jacob 8 (Nr. 1 Frisian bull in Holland for several years) and Piet Adema 186 the most popular proven Frisian bull in Holland at this moment. Popular Holsteinbulls from the past are Feikjes Restaurant, Homerun, Taco, Hole in One and Fitlist. Today K.I. Kampen’s most popular Holsteins are Big Winner, Heuvel Suarez, Aalshorst Pleasure, Red Torpedo and Talentino. Big Winner sires normally developed cows with functional udders and good feed and legs. Big Winner shows like no other bull late maturity and longevity in his offspring but also in his figures. Big Winner daughters produce lots of milk with very good components. For a couple of years Aalshorst Pleasure is our heavily used Red Holsteinbull. He sires cows with excellent type, superb udders and good feet and legs. Farmers like the excellent longevity figures Pleasure shows. Another heavily used bull is Talentino. He is not only a very good production bull, he also sires very good type and correct fitness traits. Both bulls, Talentino and Pleasure are easy calving sires so both bulls are very suitable for heifers too. A newcomer is Red Torpedo, outcross and from an established cowfamily. He will be the next KI Kampen bull what steals the show.

Farmers who are looking for a cow that is suitable for milkproducing as well as for meat should consider using bulls from the MRIJ-breed or the original Frisians.

Besides the mentioned breeds our package contains various other dairy and beef genetics like for example Belgian Blue. This is a heavily used beef breed to cross on Holstein to generate more income from calf sales. K.I. Kampen is proud to have one of  the best Belgian Blue bull available in the Netherlands called Urbanus 2.

The breeding goals of K.I. Kampen stands for strong, well build, sturdy cows that produce milk with good components. These cows are suitable for all conditions and have the power to face harsh conditions when necessary. K.I. Kampen aims for these goals with every breed in our breeding program. Please contact us to know what K.I. Kampen can mean for you in bringing your livestock to a higher genetic level.