K.I. Kampen: Breeding the long lasting dairy cow
that will give the optimum contribution to farm profit.

15 August 2022

New Red & White genomics bulls at K.I. Kampen!

August is a very promising month for the Red and White bulls at K.I. Kampen. Both bulls score a high… read more
11 August 2022

K.I. Kampen bulls: Stable in the top!

K.I. Kampen customers are looking for troublefree cows. To achieve this, K.I. Kampen is very strict in… read more
5 August 2022

New Black and White genomics bulls

Drouner Riomar and Hoarnster Tjeard are new genomics bulls of K.I. Kampen. As always at K.I. Kampen they… read more

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